STANDGAS PRO LCD TOX is a stand-alone detector using electrochemical and infrared for the detection of toxic gas and oxygen.

Stand-alone functioning, no control panel required.
There is also available a standalone version with RS485 communication compatible with DURGAS control panels (V04 and onwards software version of DURGAS).
Available gases: CO, NO2, NH3, H2S, Cl2, SO2, CO2,O2, SF6 and refrigerant gases.
It includes special functions:
– Digital control of sensor status.
– Hardware automatic testing.
– Digital filter based on variable samplings of the averages in sensor values.
– Automatic thermal compensation that supplies a correct response when faced with temperature variations (STANDGAS O2 does not need this characteristic).
– Exact automatic zero adjustment. Monitors zero in relation to the sensor response and the electronics. STANDGAS automatically carries out a test every 30 minutes: if the drift is greater or lesser than 2% of the total value of the scale, it will readjust to zero; if not the data will be shown as a reading.
– Other functions only accessible in factory allow knowing the remaining useful life of the sensor, date of manufacture and of last calibration, apart from the serial number.
Provided with a backlit 16 X 2 line display and three keys.
Allows programming of the prealarm level, alarm level, initial status of relay output, manual or automatic rearming, rearm time delay, activation or not of internal acoustics and the possibility of inhibiting the sensor to prevent inappropriate actions in case of breakdown.
Calibrated at factory using pattern gas. No need for recalibration at initial startup.
Standalone RS485 version: Especially indicated for use in laboratories or compartmentalized areas which apart from local operation, need to be controlled and carry out maneuvers, and report remotely on their status. Up to 8 units can be connected per module line, maintaining their compatibility with all other gases.

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