STANDGAS HC is a stand-alone detector using catalytic technology for the detection of butane-propane, methane-natural gas and hydrogen provided with a relay output. It is available a special versión with three programmable relays. Stand-alone functioning: not connected to a control panel.

Allows for the automatic selection of the gas to detect, from any of the available gases, through use of an established protocol using a jumper.
– Detection range from 0 to 100% L.E.L.
– Optical indicator for sensor fault & status.
– 1 alarm relay output programmable with two options (20% L.E.L and 50% L.E.L), instantaneous/delayed disconnection, programmable disconnection delay and initial relay status when at rest. Up to three levels in the special version or two levels plus fault output.
– Voltage supply from 10V to 30V DC.

STANDGAS PRO is a stand-alone detector using electrochemical and infrared technology for the detection of toxic gases and O2 provided with three programmable alarm relay outputs with different levels for each gas.
Available gases: CO, NO2, NH3, H2S, Cl2, SO2, CO2, O2, SF6 and refrigerant gases.
– Digital control of sensor status.
– Hardware automatic testing.
– Digital filter based on variable samplings of the averages in sensor values.
– Automatic thermal compensation that supplies a correct response when faced with temperature variations (STANDGAS O2 does not need this characteristic).
– Exact automatic zero adjustment. Monitors zero in relation to the sensor response and the electronics. STANDGAS automatically carries out a test every 30 minutes: if the drift is greater or lesser than 2% of the total value of the scale, it will readjust to zero; if not the data will be shown as a reading.
– Up to three output levels or two levels plus fault option.
– Programming of the ascending or descending level of Oxygen alarm.

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