System for the detection of CO and NO2 (in the same loop) using a low cost electrochemical sensor, with a useful lifetime of up to 5 years (CO) and 3 years (NO2) and great performance.


Specially designed to protect underground car parks, workshops, garages and small installations. Three-wire communication and is addressable.


Each detector individually monitors itself, showing its status on the display in real time. Great reliability and a precision of +-1ppm (CO) and +-0,5ppm (NO2). Offers automatic gain and zero calibration using software algorithms, which even allows verifying CO sensor sensitivity without the need to apply gas.


Includes a special function that allows leaving detectors in test status.


Includes Spanish and Portuguese/International standards in three languages.


Each module line includes an LCD display that works independently.


Includes three voltage-free switched relay outputs and therefore three independent programmable actuation levels per module line, plus a general fault output.

Double ventilation speed configuration.


Available in MINI version for 16 detectors and in an expandable version from 1 to 4 module lines and up to 64 detectors.


Complies with UNE 23.300:1984 with Certificate Nr. LOM 14MOGA3084.


Certificates Nr. E20/000002 (DURPARK) and E20/000003 (DURPARK MINI) from AENOR Accredited Notified Body ENAC RD. 2367/1985.


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