RS485 Detectors that use infrared technology to detect explosive gases, CO2, N2O, SF6 and refrigerant gases, exclusively designed for connection with DURGAS control units.


Addressable detectors, with 4-wire connections. Local alarm relay output (as series for refrigerant gases and SF6 but optional for all other gases) in the IP65 plastic version and optional programmable alarm relay module in ATEX versions.


Specially designed for:


-. Installations with the presence of inhibitor or poisonous gases of catalytic detectors – pellistors-.


-. Atmospheres with no presence of oxygen.


-. Refrigerated installations, livestock installations and in installations for intensive farming processes in general.


-. Installations where maintenance operations must be reduced to a minimum.

With infrared detection, in contrast to other technologies, the continuous presence of the gas to be detected does not reduce the useful life of the sensor. DIREX is not affected by this phenomenon.


Available gases: Methane, Natural Gas, Propane, CO2, N2O, SF6 and refrigerant gases.


Available in plastic version IP65 (DIREX) and flameproof ATEX (DIREX-X) with ATEX LOM08ATEX2059 X certificate.

Detection range from 0 to 100% L.E.L. (explosives), from 0 to 2% vol (CO2), from 0-1000ppm (N2O), 0-2000ppm (refrigerants and SF6 in plastic) and 0-100% L.F.L. (ATEX refrigerants).

Optical indicators of sensor and loop failures.


Factory-calibrated with span gas: do not require recalibration in the installation.


Also available in 4-20mA format (except for refrigerant gases and SF6).

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