4-20mA detectors using electrochemical technology for the detection of toxic gases and oxygen.


In 4-20mA standard format with 3-wire connection, compatible with any system that include this type of inputs. (Available in RS485 version. SEE CENTRALIZED SYSTEMS).

They are available with two types of housing:


DURTOX – plastic housing IP65
Two versions are manufactured, without alarm output or with two voltage-free relay outputs.
Available for the following gases: CO, NH3, O2, NO2, H2S, NO, Cl2 and SO2.

DURTOX-X – ATEX exproof housing (LOM 10ATEX2076 certif.)
Available for detection of the following gases: CO, NH3, O2, NO2, H2S, NO, Cl2 and SO2.
For use in explosive gas atmospheres and with a high level of protection. There is a version of the detector available, also ATEX certified, with a high level of protection and destined for use in explosive dust atmospheres.


DURTOX-X is provided with a 12bit microprocessor that allows total and precise control over sensor status and electronics. It also provides thermal compensation that allows a correct response from each of the electrochemical sensors when faced with temperature variations, except for O2 that due to its different behavior does not require such a feature. Also included: self-testing hardware, digital filter based on variable samplings of the sensors average values and auto-zero automatic exact adjustment.

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