4-20mA detectors using infrared technology for the detection of explosive gases and CO2, compatible with any system provided with standard 4-20mA inputs, and with the DURGAS and EUROSONDELCO control panels, by using interfaces.


DIREX has been specially designed for:


-. Installations where there is a presence of inhibiting or poisonous gases for catalytic detectors – pellistors-. DIREX is not affected by these gases.


-. In atmospheres with no oxygen presence. Unlike pellistors, DIREX does not need oxygen in order to function.


-. Installations where maintenance operations must be reduced to the minimum. DIREX only requires to be checked once every 3 years.

With infrared detection, as opposed to other technologies, the presence of gas does not diminish the useful life of the sensor. DIREX is not affected by the presence of gas.

Available gases: Methane, Natural gas, Propane and CO2.


Available in IP65 plastic housing version (DIREX) and exproof ATEX (DIREX-X) with certificate ATEX LOM08ATEX2059 X.


Detection range from 0 to 100% L.E.L. (explosives) and from 0 to 2% vol. (CO2).


Optical indicators for sensor and loop faults.


Optional programmable relay output module: 1 programmable alarm level, instant/delayed disconnection, programming of disconnection delay and initial relay idle state.


Calibrated at factory using pattern gas. Do not need to be recalibrated at installation.


Also available in RS485 format.

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