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Owner: DURAN ELECTRONICA S.L. VAT nr.: B80418965.
Address: Tomás Bretón, 50-52, 1st floor, 28045 Madrid, Spain.
E-mail: duran@duranelectronica.com
Tlf.: 91 528 93 75
Registration information: Registered in the Madrid Registry of Commerce, Volume 4.203, Book 0, Sheet 98, Section 8, Page M-69908.

Privacy policy and legal information

The purpose of this Privacy policy and legal information is to inform about the data we obtain, the reasons why we obtain it and what we do with it. This information is important, so we hope you take the necessary time to read it in detail.

We also inform you in this document of the legal aspects that are derived from the use of this website.

When you give us personal data through the www.duranelectronica.com website (hereafter the “website”), DURAN ELECTRONICA S.L. will respect your privacy and the rights recognized by personal data protection legislation. Therefore, it is important that you understand what data we gather about you during your visit and what we do with said information. Your visit to the website is subject to the present Policy for Personal Data Processing.

We will not give to a third party your personal data, except in the manner established in this Policy regarding Privacy and Data Processing or in the notices established for each case in which your personal data is gathered.
DURAN ELECTRONICA S.L. can reveal any information, including personal data, which it considers necessary so as to comply with legal obligations, upon request by a competent authority.

1. Gathering and use of the information

When you provide us with personal data in the website, you are expressing your acceptance to the processing and communication of your personal data in the manner contemplated in this Policy for Personal Data Processing. If you prefer that DURAN ELECTRONICA S.L. does not gather any personal data regarding you, please do not provide it to us.
DURAN ELECTRONICA S.L. can use the personal data provided to us in a dissociated manner (without personal identification) for internal purposes, such as the preparation of statistics. Therefore, DURAN ELECTRONICA S.L. can gather, store or accumulate certain non-personal information regarding your use of the website, such as that indicating which of our pages are most popular.

2. Personal information that we gather from you

DURÁN ELECTRONICA, S.L. will gather from you basic personal information with the aim of providing the service required and issuing an invoice for it, including the following (when it applies):

Your postal address, name and surname. (when you contract any of our services and an invoice must be issued).

Your e-mail address (when you send us an enquiry through our website).

This information will not be given to third parties unless there exists a legal obligation.

3. Website

Likewise, we will gather anonymous information about your access to our website and your way of using it. By visiting our website, information from your browser is sent to our servers. In this way, we will gather personal information such as:

Your IP address.

Date and time of your visit and amount of time of your visit.

The reference URL (the site from where the visitor has arrived).

Pages visited in our website.

At no moment will we relate or compile your IP address and your name, surname or postal address at the same time (or some other kind of information) and therefore we will not relate them with each other.

4. Cookies and Registry Files

DURAN ELECTRONICA S.L. can place a “cookie” in the hard drive of your computer so as to recognize it as a recurring user and personalize its use of the website. The cookie will be stored in the hard drive of your computer until it is eliminated by you. You can make your web browser warn you about the presence of cookies, or reject them automatically. If you reject cookies you will be able to keep on using the website, although the use of some features may be restricted and the website may not function correctly.

5. What is a cookie?

For a full description please click here

6. Third parties

DURAN ELECTRONICA S.L. may hire third parties to carry out functions in its name related to the ends for which your personal data is gathered, such as for instance, provision of integrated logistical services. Such third parties will be able to access the personal data necessary for the carrying out of their duties, although they will not be able to use said data for any other purpose and we will regulate our relationship with said third parties in the manner demanded by the applicable regulations regarding personal data protection.

7. Links

The website can contain links to or from other websites. DURAN ELECTRONICA S.L. is not responsible for the practices that other websites may follow regarding processing personal data. The present Policy for Personal Data Processing applies only to the information gathered in the website. We recommend that you read the policies regarding personal data processing of other websites which are linked to our website or that you visit in any other way.

8. Security

DURAN ELECTRONICA S.L. has implemented various measures to protect the security of your personal data, “on-line” as well as “off-line”.

Measures have also been taken to prevent non-authorized access to our databases, websites and attacks by computer viruses.

Nevertheless, and regardless of the measures taken, Duran Electrónica S.L. or any of the parties involved in the creation, production and use of this website, are in no case responsible for any damage or loss of any type, including but not limited to damages related to, or to the result of, accessing or not being able to access to this site, the reliability of the information here contained, any performance error, error, omission, interruption, defect, operations transmission delay, computer virus, mistakes, etc. Duran Electrónica S.L. is exempted from any responsibility for direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, punitive or special damages, or other damages, missed opportunities, benefits loss or any other loss or damages of any type.

If you use our website, you are accepting these risks.

9. Rights to Access, Correct, Cancel and Oppose

You may send a request for access to your personal information, free of cost, using the contact information included in this privacy policy. Once your request is received, we will supply you with a copy of the personal information we have about you, and that it is lawful to have in accordance to the applicable law. We will also confirm the end for which this personal information is being used, its recipients and the origin of said information.

You may write to us at any moment to request modifications of certain personal information that you may consider to be incorrect or irrelevant, as well as to request that we block, erase or eliminate your personal information upon request in accordance with applicable law.

You have the right to exercise your rights of access, correction or cancellation of your data or oppose to the processing of your personal data by sending a letter to DURAN ELECTRONICA S.L, at C/ Tomás Bretón 50, 1st floor – 28045 in Madrid, Spain, enclosing a photocopy of your ID document showing both sides, the petition that includes your request, signed and dated, as well as your address for the purposes of notifications. Also, if you wish, and so as to accelerate the process, you can send this information by e-mail to: duran@duranelectronica.com

10. Preservation of your personal information

The information provided will be preserved as long as a commercial relationship is maintained or during the years required to comply with legal obligations, unless the law requires a longer period of preservation is needed as part of a judicial process, or that is required for a specific end as required by applicable law.

11. File ownership

DURAN ELECTRONICA S.L., with address C/ Tomás Bretón 50, 1st floor – 28045 Madrid, Spain, holds ownership of the file or files containing the information provided by you.

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