In order to be able to integrate the DurGas into a BMS, SCADA it is necessary to purchase the Integra II module.


Once the module has been purchased you have 4 possible integration options:
1.- Through OPCserver protocol

2.- Through ModBus protocol

3.- Through some other protocol that translates the proprietary protocol of the DurGas system.

4.- Integration of the proprietary protocol of the DurGas system.

Integra II module
Integra II is a “plug&play” module that allows the integration with other systems of the DURGAS control panels, in their configurations from one to four module lines, up to a maximum of 20 control panels. It is not valid for DurGas Mini control panels.
It includes two types of output, RS232 in unidirectional mode and RS485 MODBUS-RTU in bidirectional mode.
This module is completely COMPATIBLE in its configuration with RS232, with the series of previous control panels, EUROSONDELCO.
Intesis Box
To carry out integration through ModBus into a BMS or SCADA, Duran Electronica has available a converter that translates the communications protocol of the DurGas system to ModBus. This converter provides 2 output ports (RTU, Tcp/Ip) that the integrator can choose from.


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