DURPARK RS485 detectors for CO and NO2 communicate through four wires with the DURGAS control panel, allowing them to be addressed (1-16).

They are specially designed for use in car parks, with a new type of electrochemical sensor with low cost and great performance that allows a useful lifetime of up to 5 (CO) and 3 years (NO2) with almost no maintenance.

The CO model offers a range of 0-300ppm and a resolution of -+1ppm and the NO2 model a range of 0-20ppm and a resolution of -+0.5ppm.


In the detector, calibration and maintenance tasks have been simplified. Algorithms have been created for gain and zero automatic calibration through the use of software, as well as an algorithm and a special hardware that allows verifying CO sensor sensibility without the need to apply gas.

For the CO detector, the composition of its electrolyte is respectful with the environment. Its structural shape cancels the risk of the electrolyte leaking. It does not use up active materials in its electrodes during operation, has a lower sensitivity to interfering gases, long life and good stability and precision.


A version is available with proprietary communication protocol format and 3 wires that is compatible with the DURPARK control panel.

DURPARK RS485 CO detectors are:

In conformity with UNE 23-300-84. Certif. LOM 14MOGA3168.

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