A data logger (also datalogger) is an electronic device that records data over time or in relation to location either with built in instruments or sensors or via instruments and sensors connected externally.


The RD32 is a general data logger, completely configurable regarding the measurements it carries out , storage time, etc.


As main characteristics, it has the following elements and interfaces included::


– High precision calendar watch, with battery.
– Screen and keypad for local usage.
– Two communication ports for configuration and local and/or remote supervision.
– Analog and digital measurement inputs for measuring tension, resistance, resistance, frequency, meter boxes, etc.
– Input to register external alarms.
– Outputs to control external devices.
– RAM-type storage with battery supported.
– Compact Flash-type storage supported.


The data logger can control any of the atmospheric sensors shown in our webpage (cup and vane anemometer, visibility and present weather, visibility meter, rain gauge, H & T sensor, etc) or the digital output sensors shown in the specific section for Atmospheric Sensors.


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