Cup and Vane

Cup and Vane

The cup and wind vane anemometer is composed of:

Wind direction sensor with output in Ohms (wind vane).


Light weight allows a long useful life to the potentiometer.
Mechanical operation on a 360º angle without stop. Electrical angle 350º ± 3°, the threshold is of between 1,2 and 1,5 m/s.
The PRV is a high quality wind vane with oiled rubbed bronze bearings and mounting hardware made of stainless steel.

Wind speed sensor with output in Hertzes (Cup).


Light weight cup anemometer based on the Hall effect principle.

Measuring range 0..60 m/s with a threshold of 0,5 m/s.


Two impulses per rotation and 67 pulses in 30 m/s.

PA2 is a high quality cup sensor including ceramic magnets and stainless steel bearings and assembly accessories.


4-20mA converter for direction and speed sensors.


Changes output in Ohms for the wind vane and Hertzes for the cup sensor to 4-20mA output.



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